Sunday, February 22, 2009

Avoiding web parasites!

When you are searching the web for real estate, it may be wise to "think before you click" and give your name, phone number or search criteria out.

Today many website owners are strongly implying that they are a local Florence Oregon real estate broker or expert (or any other combination of search words) when in fact they have little no intimate or expert knowledge of the Florence Oregon area. In most cases their goal is to insert themselves as into the transaction as a referring agent for a hefty referral fee.

So what is the problem? In a tight economy the Principal Broker may not be as willing to negotiate the brokerage fee in a tight transaction if they are obligated to pay a huge 3rd party refferal fee. This can affect your broker's attitude and your bottom line, whether you are buyer or seller. In my view, many referring websites create a parasitic relationship and you are the host!

If you are looking for a Florence real estate expert, it may be helpfull to do the following basic things. Make sure the published phone numbers on the web site have an area code of 541 and a prefix of 997, 902, 991 or 999 before contacting. Take time to read the web bio of several agents in the area and then interview them on the phone to make sure they are local and you are comfortable with their level of skill.

Also, if you are currently in a transaction and you are pleased with your broker, you can ask them to refer you. They should be willing to do the above research to assure you are getting hooked up with the best possible representation!


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