Friday, March 4, 2011

Florence Oregon Home Price Trend

As of this posting, the Florence Oregon home inventory is up to 412 active residential listings at a median asking price of $205,000 with an average days on market DOM of 388.

The last 6 months have netted 115 residential sales at a median sold price of $160,000.
The last 12 months have netted 249 residential sales with a median sold price of $170,000.

In summary, the median residential sale price appears to be edging slightly lower, while asking prices and DOM appear to be edging higher.

It is my guess that many sellers who had pulled their over priced property off the market for the winter are now coming back on the market, which will tend to cause the kind of numbers you see above.

Unfortunately, some of my peers will take up the same old dance, incredibly expecting a different result, while others will have learned that over pricing properties are a waste of every one's time.

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