Friday, March 6, 2009

Best Florence real estate buys are hidden!

Florence has many excellent real estate values that are often lost in a large, over priced inventory. Currently we have 438 housing units for sale in the Florence area of which 62 are condos. While the average list price for a single family home today is $328,ooo, the average sale price during the last 6 months is $218,000. Unfortunately the "list at any price" broker creates the illusion of high prices and confuses buyers into thinking there are no good values today. The good news is that a good buyer's broker can help you find your best hidden values today. Often, I know of incredible bargains before they ever hit the open market. While only 5% of our market requires 3rd party approval today, there are at least an equal percentage of troubled properties not reported on the MLS.

I can help you find those properties. This link is to a gorgeous Florence riverfront home that the owner paid over $100,000 more than it is for sale today. Feel free to call me anytime direct @541-999-0511.


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