Thursday, March 11, 2010

Florence OR Real Estate Activity Bumps Up As Prices Fall

Currently we have increased the number of residences for sale at an average price of $254,000 ($238,000 median asking price)and 357 cumalitive days on market.

During the 30 days preceeding this post, residential sales for the Florence ORegon area have increased to 23 at an average sale price of $191,000 ($142,000 median)and total days on market of 313.

I anticipate that as the sunny wheather starts to appear in the next 2 months, we will have many sellers and real estate practioners crawl out of hibernation and start inundating the market with over priced listings. I am hoping for more of an activity bump in late spring and summer but do not see market values increasing.

Because of the huge disparity between the original listing price and actual sales price, many more sellers will continue to get hurt if there property is not priced correctly as prices are still declining.

Whether you are a seller looking to sell or a buyer looking for a fair value, a knowledgeable Florence OR real estate broker is essential to getting the job done!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Florence OR Real Estate Sales Up- Sales Prices Down

As of this posting we have 400 residential properties for sale at an average asking price of $264,000 ($240,000 median) with the average total days on market of 364.

During the 30 days preceeding this post, we have 20 residential sales at an average sales price of $209,000 and $159,000 median.

You will notice the vast desparity between actual median sales price versus the asking prices. This means there are many properties that have not recieved and offer and will very likely listen to a knowledgeable Florence OR buyer's broker willing to take the time to justify the offer with a CMA (competitive market analysis)showing actual sales data.

While many of my peers are listing homes without providing a CMA to get the price right, I am taking great pains to present Sellers and Buyers with all the factual data I can. Please take a look at one of my properties that I beleive is the best Florence Or home value and compare it to the competition!